What people are saying about the book Faith Tech.

“Many of us who are techies and other creatives put our ultimate faith or trust in our own brains and energy.  Others put their trust in technology. Yet others in money or power or merely in personal peace and comfort. Still others may believe in some kind of God or Divine Energy or Evolution. Whatever your faith, you’ll find (as I did) this book a huge stimulant to thinking, to examination, and to coming to perhaps different but certainly better-considered conclusions.  Check it out!”

Prabhu Guptara, Executive Director, Relational Analytics Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.

Hey! Thanks for the book Faithtech! My best book in 2019. You friend is a very thorough thinker! I loved his way of describing things of faith and all the tech-parallels. Very cool.

Alexandre Juvet, Business Network Developer, ESBS

Faith Tech equips parents: David Taylor addresses many of the big intellectual questions young people face on their way to developing owning a personal faith – one that will work no matter what life throws at them. This book will refresh and equip parents to answer such questions and more. The reader is taken on a journey that is not only intellectually challenging and spiritually surprising, but also remarkably accessible.

Esther Baumgartner, author of Parents Empowered.