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Do you ever feel the need to make decisions without a drop of evidence? In relationships, sports, culture and business we all use faith all the time. We make decisions without evidence constantly. So if we want to make better decisions, thinking about what faith is and how it works would be a good place to start. Welcome to the Faith Tech Book site.

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#Chapter 1

Faith shapes your world

Without faith there would be no invention, innovation, social transformation or cultural development. There would be no sports, arts or literature. Many people think that faith is a crutch for people who can’t reason well.

#Chapter 2

By patterns not definitions

We don’t begin life with classes on biochemistry: we drink milk. We don’t start learning about gravity from Newton’s laws: we fall over. We play catch before we study the equations of motion. In other words, we learn via sensations and experiences. Children who are denied the opportunity to develop in this way won’t pay attention in the classroom. 

So it is with faith: We learn about faith, not by laws, rules or definitions, but through faith-defining experiences. 

#Chapter 3

Familiar faith and hope

While the dictionary defines faith as a strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, I intend to show that even if you never visit a place of worship or participate in a religious rite, you are still using faith much more than you think. We all have a belief system or world view that lacks supporting evidence. 

#Chapter 11

Moving mountains or chipping at stones?

This story of one man’s persistence was turned into a Bollywood film and is the subject of various inspirational Youtube clips. At first glance, the story seems to prove that faith can indeed move mountains, but does it? Find out in the video teaser to chapter 11 and of course in the book chapter itself.

Takeaways from the firing lines

In 2011, two armed men had burst into my friend Ghaffar’s home demanding to know his whereabouts. “We want to kill him,” they declared.

Many of the true life stories in the book Faith Tech are drawn from wild frontiers. As we know from sports, until we hit our limits, we will never know what is really possible.

Be part of the transformation

I believe that the message of the book Faith Tech is going to change the whole way that you think about, not just faith, but life itself.

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